Day 5 Carribean sea

Sun 23 Apr 2023 19:09
It’s a lovely place to be with much interest and excitement over the past 24hrs. The wind has really taken a nose dive so we’ve had much fiddling with boat trying to optimise speed in light airs. Managed 2.5knts in 5 knots and 4 knots in 9knts. It finally got to under 2 knots of boat speed late this morning so we’ve capitulated and put on the engine. Is actually lovely with a v flat sea and the sun awning up. 

I did solo watch last night for the whole 12 hrs. Experimenting with how we run the boat when we’re short handed with 2 of us. Was fine, I slept soundly in between putting my head up to check trim, track and traffic. Have managed to get the iPad to mirror the screen of the plotter so easy to be anywhere in the boat and easily check things overnight. I elected to sleep on deck as is now v warm and think I can hear changes in the boat more easily. 
Moonshiner really isn’t very comfy on deck. Is almost no where to lie flat so need to come up with better solution. Am going to try a hammock slung between the gantry over the cockpit. 

The excitement was on the end of the fishing line this afternoon. Have a look at instagram, link should be now below (rather than my work signature which I hadn’t realised I hadn’t removed!!) a huge sword/sail fish. Was a real fight on the line, lucky we were motoring so could quickly stop the boat. An absolutely beautiful creature we didn’t have the heart to keep. Ryan managed to grab his nose (with gloves on!) and get him off the hook without injury. Sadly means we have no fish for dinner as otherwise not had much luck. 

Still got 468 miles to go. Light winds for at least another 36hrs so not going to be a fast crossing. Hopefully the agent we’ve engaged to get us through the canal can ensure we get rapid passage.