Fiji NW

Thu 21 Sep 2023 08:15
17 24.01s 177 45.56e

What a cracking couple of days sailing. Yesterday we sailed across from Namena to VoliVoli. We were slightly anxious about the complex reef navigation and a significant amount of wind forecast. It blew a solid 6 gusting 7 and we flew along with double reefed main and our hanked on foresail. Whilst it was slightly nerve racking bearing down on narrow reef passes doing 7 knots plus we actually had a hoot.

Loads of dolphins and a pod of pilot whales.

Arrived to a great dinner at the posh resort on the headland.

Loads of wind at the anchorage but flat so very comfy. Katie had a good wing foil session this morning while I did my tax return.

Today we’ve weaved our way round the NW coast on the passage inside the reef. 20 plus knots and pan flat water is a real joy.

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