Day 19: nearly there…..

Sun 4 Jun 2023 22:27
10 09.37s 135 52.31W
Speed 5.5 motoring 
Course 250

After a bit more wind over night it’s died today. We’ve tried to sail a few times but just end with sails flogging and doing 2 knots a fair bit of which is current. It’s horrible when the main sail batten crack backwards and forwards and even just trying headsails results in slapping and horrible noises. We’ve resorted to the engine so making progress. Not going to be in by tomorrow though, still got 165 miles to do and we’re an hr from sunset tonight. Will probably arrive in the small hrs of Tuesday so will have to slow down and let it get light for the approach. It’s meant to be a spectacular land fall so we’re both pretty excited out it. Definitely both over being at sea. 

Sadly Katie’s effort to blog yesterday failed so that’s why we’ve missed a day. We both seem to be having IT issues with email. 

Caught a couple of tuna yesterday. Fish and chips was enjoyed with a cracking sunset. Steve’s chicken curry tonight so we’re still eating like kings.