Day 3 pacific. Caught a bird

Fri 12 May 2023 00:01
3 18.7N 82 07.7W

COG 220 SOG 5.5

We have slipped back into passage life. We have essentially been motoring since the 2nd day with the occasional hour of sailing when a local system passes by. We continue with one person watches at night which has been going well, there’s been very little to do other than close hatches when it rains.
Today we passed Isla Malpelo, a sheer rock with 3 peaks which is 300m high and 1mile wide. It’s inhabited by the Colombian armed forces, we had to radio to inform them of our passing.
We have been surrounded by hoards of sea birds, a large log floated by with about 20 birds sat on top, as it passed by it rolled over and they all fell off, then there was a big scrap to claim a new spot.
Unfortunately one took a liking to our lure and ended up getting hooked. We managed to get him on board and free him off the hook. We got him off without too much distress and he flew off. That was the first interesting fishing encounter, the second even more so. The line ripped out as per a good sized bite, then rapidly disappeared as when the fish jumps off. However I still felt some resistance on the line so we reeled in to reveal just a fish head, clearly a (much bigger shark) fish had an easy meal courtesy of our catch, see the insta pics!

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