Day 23

Thu 6 Apr 2023 17:09
17 04.4n 61 25.8w
Speed 6.5knots
TWS 17, TWA 160

Log 2756
19.3 miles left to run!

Been a grand finale, we’re now Confident we’ll be in today. Was another fast night that turned into squalls and electrical storms all around us. A little unnerving to say the least. Had a sustained period of over 30 knots while still carrying both headsails. We just seemed to sit at 10 knots, the boat was absolutely humming. Still pretty rolley but think we’re getting better at sleeping in it.
Hooked a really really big fish. Assume a tuna as it fought like crazy. We could only get the boat speed down to about 3 knots and after a 15 minute battle it jumped off the hook. Gutted.

I’ll try and remember to post this evening when we’re in but we’re likely yo make a bee line for Shirley heights and a pina colada.

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