Day 5. Getting headed

Sat 13 May 2023 20:24
01 11.62N 85 04.46W

Getting closer to the equator. Think we’ll probably cross it sometime tomorrow 

Was a glorious morning. On a flat calm sea 10 knots of breeze sprung up and Katie got the sails up at the end of her night watch. Moonshiner was in heaven, 13 knots of apparent and full sail including the stay had us creaming along at 6 knots bang on the rhumb line.
Though the morning the wind built a little as invariably did the sea, and then it veered ahead of us. So now we battling into 15 knots and a really sharp sea and not making our course even though we’re fully close hauled. Urgh. 
Have just put the engine back on to motor sail as we really don’t want to end up down wind of the target. 

The other bad news is that I think we had a duff connection on our new soda stream co2 cylinder  so have lost it all. Let’s hope we can get the bottle refilled somewhere in the pacific. 

Huge strike on the fishing line this morning. Never heard the line rip out so quickly. Ended very quickly as the line snapped. Must have been an absolute monster on the end. 

We have a plan to the Galapagos. They are extremely restrictive to yachts and seem to do all they can to discourage visits. We are allowed to stop for fuel and water for less than 12hrs and they’ll still charge us $400 for that! We need the fuel tho and Ryan needs to get off, a shame he can’t continue to Marquesa with us but the delays in Panamá were just too great. 

Booby bird still on the pulpit. Is now all completely covered in bird shit!