Sun 28 May 2023 02:03
6 01.7S 116 49.9W
SOG 6 COG 148
Under engine

We’re embracing being over half way but mourning the progress made in the first half.
The breeze filled in late morning to 10kts from behind so we turned off the engine and set both poles with the asymmetric and Yankee making 4-5kts.
Then suddenly the wind veered to the beam and backed the Yankee so we rolled that away and hoisted the full main. By the time we’d set the main, the wind had gone behind and died to 7kts! We rolled out the Yankee again and sat at 3.5-4kts until we couldn’t stand the flogging anymore and succumbed to the noise box once again.
We have almost crossed 2 time zones so the evenings are gradually getting longer and the mornings darker. We’re quite enjoying the light in the evenings so have decided not to move our clocks back. It’s like being in charge of your own daylight…I like it!