Day 5: Booby’s back

Sun 21 May 2023 20:15
02 39.4S 01 06.3W
SOG 7 COG 252
TWS 20 TWD 125

The most eventful thing that’s happened in the last 24hrs is I’ve washed my hair! I squeezed myself into one of our large plastic bowls on our tiny cockpit floor whilst Ben poured the water from our rain collection over my head…then I washed in the water from my hair wash…great recycling of water plus feel like a million dollars with fresh hair…it’s the small things!
We continue to receive squid missiles across the deck, weirdly it’s mostly at night, it literally smelt like a trawler this morning so one of the daily jobs is to peel squid and flying fish off the deck.
The Booby bird is back, sure it’s not the same one but you never know, he (or she or it) is enjoying the front seat ride again which is perfect because we are a little stern heavy these days.
The conditions and sail plan is identical to the last few days, sea state pretty rough still but the wind is backing slightly as predicted meaning we’re surfing a little more instead of beam on.
We’ve clocked 175nm in the last 24hrs which ties with our mileage record, would be great to keep this up and be in within 3 weeks, though I suspect the wind will lighten and back significantly as we travel west.
Ben is starting to feel better…he even went off tea for a couple of days….I mean that’s serious!

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