Day something or other

Sat 1 Apr 2023 16:46
19 56.91N 47 36.29W
Speed 7 knots, TWS 21, TWA 160

Trip odometer 1921
DT Antigua 825

Has been a busy morning. Got a rude awakening by a sudden increase in wind strength. We’d run overnight on poled out asymmetric and Yankee and were suddenly over canvassed in 22-24 knots of wind. Bit of a struggle on the foredeck in the dark in our pants (and a harness) to get everything down. We’d managed to get the snuffer pulley twisted and so all felt jammed up. With a lot of huffing we got it snuffed and then Matt and Ona have done a sterling job this afternoon running it out on the deck and re threading the snuf line though a new pulley. Now working like a dream.

We continued this morning on just poled out Yankee and have now swapped for the asymmetric again and feel like we’re making good progress. Hopefully this wind is with us for a least a couple of days so we can get some miles done.

Plan is to rapidly transit Antigua and head on for Panama. But not before Ann and Steve (Katie’s folks) join us for a week. When they leave my folks and Ryan are coming out to join us for the passage across the Carribean sea. My parents will then fly home from Panama (hopefully after transiting the canal with us) and Ryan will stay on with us for the long haul to Marquesa.

Got a plan to fix autohelm, hopefully definitively this time.

We’re definitely all ready to see Antigua but spirits are good.

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