Engine on ????

Fri 26 May 2023 21:24
05 32.95s 114 12.48w
Speed 5.5 course 250

The wind has deserted us so engine back on. We weren’t expecting to have to do much motoring this leg bit looks like it’s going to be similar for next 24hrs. Bonus is that we’ve got the cockpit tent up so loads more shade from the sun. 

Just stopped briefly and had a swim. 

Just clicked through 1500 miles left to run so 1/2 way. Looks like the second half won’t be as quick so maybe not half way time wise. 

Been doing a bit more research about Marquesa. Not clear where we can/cannot check in. Seems to be that’s it’s ok to arrive and send some time on an island that’s not check in‘able at. Upshot is that we’ve changed our aim to the most SE of the chain then can cruise downwind though the rest of them. The scenery looks amazing and should be some great waking/trail running. Nasty biting thing’s apparently.