Day 4

Sun 27 Aug 2023 05:18
17 11.59S 169 29.93W

TWS 23 TWA 104 speed 7.8 knots
Course 245

We’re flying along. What Moonshiner was made to do I think. Really lumpy ocean, 5 gusting 6 and Moonshiner just charges. We’ve got 2 reefs in the main and a reefed yankee. Nice to be clicking though the miles.

We went into the night motoring in about 5 knots of breeze. We knew it was going to fill in but was still a shock to be on the foredeck at 2am in 25 knots getting the main up. Think we’ve gone soft from so much down wind trade sailing. 

Life is tough on the lean with the starboard rail almost perpetually in the water. But it’s better than the horrendous roll we get when running this powered up. 

270 miles to go to Tonga so all being well we’ll be in on Monday. Remember it’s Saturday evening for us here!

Amazing sunset and evening sky. Will try and get a few on instagram