Getting towards ready

Wed 23 Nov 2022 18:16

 It’s been a brutal few days of weather, very glad we’ve been trussed up in Pendennis marina. Boats been healing to about 20 degrees in the gusts just on her freeboard!

Getting there with the jobs, anchor and new chain all back together an safely in the locker. We’ve been having a bit of a headache about where to store spare gas cylinders and petrol for the outboard. It became clear storing in the lazarette next to the diesel heater wasn’t a good idea. Anyway, they all fitted in nicely on top of the anchor stuff in the forward locker so all safely stowed.

Provisioning has continued in earnest. All but the last minute fresh stuff is aboard. 

Continue to looks at weather. Getting to grips with the predict wind apps ans how they work on and off shore. We’re running the departure planner almost constantly, still lots of uncertainty with weather patterns but optimistically the high pressure is continuing to evolve and a potential window opening up for Monday next week.

Great news on crew, my dad Mike, Katies dad Steve and  Tom have all confirmed. Should all be here by the end of weekend.
We’ve made it clear that we will continue to look at options and escape routes. We’ll set off and continually ask the question if we should just turn round and call it a shake down sail instead of keeping going. My logic says that for the first couple of days at least we’re still costal, in  range of rescue services etc so not really any difference to hopping up the coast. We’ll then have a significant decision point at day 2/3 as to whether to continue to head off shore………