DAY 12: Tuna Nicoise??….maybe not

Sun 28 May 2023 22:34
06 24.9S 118 43.6W
SOG 7 COG 248
TWD 100 TWS 13

The first thing I saw as I arose from the cabin this morning were dozens of yellow fin tuna swimming around the boat, riding the surf and wake, clearly feeding on something. We got the rod out quick….how could we not catch a tuna? So with a tuna nicoise on the lunch menu, I went to prepare the eggs. The first problem with the meal plan was that despite being surrounded with tuna, not a single one was interested in our lure! The second problem was that each and every single egg had gone rotten…I mean properly rotten. As I cracked each one hoping to find a good egg, the smell literally had me retching!

So a word about eggs on boats…don’t do it! Firstly, you have to get them from the shore to the boat, inevitably you loose a few on that leg. The broken eggs then coat everything in the vicinity and once on board, you have to clean that mess up and then choose a suitable location. In the early days, we left them in their cardboard egg tray…big mistake! A couple broke which made the cardboard mushy and the next thing we know there’s maggots everywhere. So then we decided they’d be safer in a plastic Tupperware, again, the odd one breaks which leads to a smelly/mouldy mess but at least it’s contained. I would say our break/waste rate is roughly 75%, must be a combination of heat and movement. I wonder how other people manage their eggs on boats?

The wind filled back in around midnight so off with the noise box and up with the asymmetric. This morning it backed and strengthened so we added the main sail, we’re now going nicely again. One thing we have noticed is our water speed ain’t great. When we went for a short swim we noticed the stern was absolutely covered in little sea creatures. No doubt we are getting heavier and slower as we go, another job for the list (which is actually fairly short for a change).


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