Tumotu bound

Mon 3 Jul 2023 19:27
14 05.34S 141 49.26W
Course 186, 6.8knots
TWS 19 TWA 95

We’re having a hell of a crossing to the Tumotu. Has done nothing but reinforced just how rubbish forecasts are! Way more wind and must more N in it (a very good thing) than we were expecting. 
After a really squally afternoon where we saw 33 knots at times we settled into the night. We set a really conservative sail plan of double reefed main and just the stay sail up front. It turned out to be perfect! It blew 25-30 knots most of the night with some big waves over the boat. It was my watch so I was comfortably ensconced in the rear sea berth with the iPad mirroring the plotter. The sea was beautiful in the moonlight, a real raging mess at time but fantastic to see how to changed as the moon came up overhead and then down to the N. 
We ‘be just added a scrap of yankee to the stay sail as wind has moderated a bit and we want to arrive ahead of the tidal gate of 10.00 at rarioa tomorrow morning. 

Ratatouille and mashed potatoes last night and fresh fruit salad of mango, star fruit banana and passion fruit this morning. Life continues to be tolerable.