We’re almost there

Tue 7 Nov 2023 03:52
29 32.78S 154 37.39E

And just like that, our journey is almost over. We have just 90nm to go until we hit the east coast of Australia. It’s been one of our favourite passages of the trip, we were making 10kts at times on a reach yesterday with 2kts of favourable current.
As we near land the wildlife sightings have increased, this morning we’ve seen 2 pods of pilot whales and a pod of dolphins. The nights have revealed the most incredible phosphorescence lightening up our path as Moonshiner slips through the water. The skies have been clear giving us good light from the moon and stars to eat dinner by. I’ve had to dig out my hat and thick socks, we’re approaching 30degrees south and I’m shivering me timbers!

A passage like this reminds us how amazing the experience has been, perhaps we wish it had all been plain sailing, but if it didn’t kill us, surely it’s made us stronger right?!(though we’re not there yet).