Day 4

Sat 18 Mar 2023 19:54
N 32 58.277 W027 30.082
Doing 5 knots on 250
Close hauled. 13 knots of wind

Miles have been hard one today. Close hauled all day. Generally managing to maintain over 5 knots, slipped below at times in the morning in periods of light wind. Gusts up to 18 ish knots at time which leaves us over canvassed with full sail up. Has been much scurrying around on the foredeck taking or shaking out reefs!

Boat bashing around a bit as to be expected on this point of sail but everyone in good spirits. Ona improved again, not fully over the nausea but helped me cooked lunch. I seem to have found my sea stomach! A Moroccan rice, lentil, onion and cucumber number for lunch, Katie currently in the galley cooking her Arabiata.

Amazing pod of dolphins yesterday (have been many) but i think they took our fishing lure. We had it out back when they were everywhere and suddenly the line ripped it and snapped the minute i applied some break. Maybe a coincidence as I’m assured a dolphin never would but seems awfully coincidental.

Found a squid on the foredeck earlier! Poor thing, imagining drying up on our deck in the whole of the Atlantic!

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