47 47.722N 10 20.310W

Wed 30 Nov 2022 10:42
Morning from moonshiner. Good nights sail, blowing up to about 25 then dropping to below 15. Ade sail choice hard to maintain comfort (not much) and boat speed. Tried double reefed main and stay sail but looses drive and boat speed drops a lot if less than about 22knts. Yankee in and out seems best to maintain drive and boat speed.

Amazing having such good crew. Would be bloody tough with just 2 of us. Hopefully onwards from Azores will be much more settled.

Boat running well other than the loss of AIS. Looks like weave got a significant blow coming before we get in, will be mainly N’ly so pushing us in the right direction but need to figure out how best to rig her for big winds.

Couple of pics

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JPEG image

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