Day lost count

Wed 5 Apr 2023 15:02

17 48.6N 58 24.2W
COG 275 Speed 8kts
TWA 180, TWS 21

So the pace has well and truly picked up again. Moonshiner feels like she’s picked up a familiar scent from her old stomping ground and is galloping wildly towards it. We are averaging 8kts and surfing 12. Feels a little out of control at times when we loose the back end down a wave but slowing down would feel counterintuitive if it means we can make it in before dark on Thursday (tomorrow).
Another sleepless night (for my anyway) so I’ll be well ready for a static bed!
We’ve just encountered our first vessel in weeks, it’ currently heading straight at us on a reciprocal bearing so could get interesting.
The air is more humid with quite a lot of cloud over the last few days with showers over night.
I can almost taste those rum cocktails….not long now.

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