New Caledonia

Tue 24 Oct 2023 07:22
22 17.08S 166 26.31E

Noumea, New Caledonia

After an absolutely amazing sail from Vanuatu in order to dodge the category 3 cyclone, we arrived in New Caledonia yesterday at 1pm. We had 12kts forward of the beam with an almost flat sea which gave us a speed of over 7kts…finally we got to use Moonshiners incredible upwind performance for the duration of a passage.
We anchored in Baie De Prony last night which was a beautiful bay with many anchorages. We all had a good foiling session followed by steak night on the BBQ.
This morning we set off with the rising tide to pass through canal woodin where Ben and I had a downwinder. A nice 20kts behind us with some good bumps to surf on.
We’ve just arrived in Noumea which is the largest city in the pacific. We’ve checked into a marina because our outboard has given up the ghost! Bio security have visited Moonshiner and taken our prawns, frozen lasagne and all fruit and veg!!! It’s such a waste of food and I don’t really understand the process but more fool is for not eating it before we arrived.
Tomorrow we have a lengthy check in process consisting of 3 appointments all before they close office at 11am…bluddy French!