Day 7 crossing the equator

Mon 15 May 2023 17:03
00 23.3S 88 18.4W
COG 235 SOG 6

We continue to battle into wind, but luckily just about making our track to the Galapago and yesterday evening we crossed the equator (party TBC). We are continuously changing our sail plan with the strength of wind fluctuating between 10-20kts. It’s clear that she needs full Yankee to drive so with 20kts we’ve got full Yankee and 2 reefs in the main. We’ve had the stay sail out alongside the Yankee quite a bit too, we’re yet to be convinced of ‘the slot’ theory.

We’re all becoming quite sleep deprived. Moonshiner is definitely more comfortable on SB tack (we’re on port) as more of the sleeping berths are on that side, perhaps next time we’ll sail the other way around the world (or not). I’ve been trying to sleep in the forepeak so I can brace against the hull. Last night felt like I was crashing into a wall every 5seconds as we slammed into waves. It’s pretty brutal the forces yachts cope with, the hull was flexing away against my hip, oh and the North Atlantic Chinese water torture returned via the forepeak hatch. It was literally dripping straight into my eyeball or ear depending on my sleeping orientation, had to sleep with a towel over my head!
The water over the bow has reminded us of those remaining leaks, one comes in through the port side chain plates, another drains in through the lazerette or toe rail, and lastly the forepeak hatch. She is 46 years old so we’ll let her off.

There has been a new theory regarding the spooky ships in the night; it may have been a drug smuggling operation. Apparently a group of smaller boats line up to signal to a large ship who then comes along and drops the drugs. Other theories still include fishing vessels.

So with around 80nm left to go, we are anticipating our arrival into wreck bay on Isla San Cristobal to be in the early hours of tomorrow.


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