Arrived Horta

Wed 21 Dec 2022 12:43
38 31.772N 028 37.486W

Took us about 26hrs to do the 155 mile leg. Wind was further forward than we’d hoped so we’re essentially close hauled the whole way. Winds up to 35knots in the afternoon and over night so pretty bumpy and wet, especially without spray hoods. So another pretty tough crossing. Had some help in the form of Joao who flew down from Fial to help us up. Unfortunately he was horrendously sea sick the whole way! Good having the local knowledge tho and he gave the boat a once over before we left. I was struggling with sea sickness again, think it takes me a couple of days to get into it. I just about managed to function on watch but Katie was a star again, super tough and can do everything up or down below. Really murky coming up the coast of Pico and didn’t see Faial until very late. Very glad we had gps/plotters etc back on line.

Horta is lovely at first glance, much prettier than Delgada. Have met up with Duncan form mid Atlantic yacht services who seems great and motivated to get us fixed.

Boat is pretty wet again so todays task is getting that dried out again. Hopefully sun tomorrow so that should help.

Will try and keep the blood updated as repairs progress.

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