Poled out Booby

Tue 30 May 2023 23:50
07 38.8S 124 06.8W
SOG 8 COG 248
TWS 20 TWD 100

We have now had 24hrs of favourable and stable conditions. The wind built to 25kts overnight so we reefed the Yankee and main, now back to full Yankee and 1 reef in main on a broad reach. We’re over 2/3rds of the way with 880nm left to run. The forecasts predict similar conditions for the next couple of days and then sadly lightening off.
We’ve got a chunky following sea on our aft port quarter so not rolling too badly but occasionally she leans right over. We really feel the weight in her structure in these conditions, when a big wave slaps into her beam, you hear it but don’t feel it, Moonshiner just shrugs them off and cracks on.
We’re sailing with 2 spinnaker poles rigged, one has the Yankee poled out, the other vacant in case the wind goes behind us, we look a bit like a trawler. Last night a booby bird decided to make use of the prime position at the end of our vacant spinnaker pole, at least his guano dropped straight into the sea and not our deck, plus he was excellent ballast on the windward side.
After our epic tuna catching failure we decided to change the lure. We switched for a double lure of the rainbow glitter variety and shortly after we caught 2 Mahi Mahi at the same time! So ceviche starter followed by fish and chips for dinner.

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