Day 4

Sat 19 Aug 2023 05:09
14 07.8S 160 06.9W

Only 182nm to go now but unfortunately the wind has dropped off as forecast. We have been slowly decelerating throughout the day and are now only making 4kts with poled out asymmetric and Yankee. At least the sea state has flattened off so we are more comfortable than the first few days.
Not much wildlife other than the obligatory booby bird who stubbornly took up residence on top of our foils last night followed by the inevitable covering of crap.
We are kicking ourselves for not filling up with water in Bora Bora as we are now 2/3 through our water tanks with probably another 2 weeks to go. There’s potential for rain tomorrow so we’ve emptied a couple of cans into the tank in preparation for collecting.
Suwarrow is one of the Northern Cook Islands which is their only designated national park. There is only one person (the caretaker) living there who comes to collect your fees. We only realised after leaving that you’re meant to obtain permission from immigration before stopping off there as it’s not an official port for immigration…let’s hope they get our form in time!