Trucking along

Sat 20 May 2023 21:34
2 21.75S 98 27.13W
Speed 7 heading 253
TWS 19 twa 114
DTW 2519

We continue to make good progress. Not comfortably by any means but are living well on the boat and is nice to see the miles tick down.
Odd how the sea seems to vary even with the same wind strength. Sometime we seem to cruise along on a relatively stable basis and then suddenly the sea becomes hugely confused and moonshiner bucks like a pig. It’s not squalls or wind shifts it seems to last for 30 minutes or more sometimes.

 Katie’s an absolute hero in the galley. Had bacon and avocado sandwiches with freshly baked bread this morning. Amazing bacon from Panama, really salty but that’s clearly what makes it tasty! 

Plotter wi-fi decided to play up last night such that I couldn’t use the iPad in my bunk. Annoying having to get up and check but the nights are long on the equator so still feel just about rested enough. 

Passed a fishing (we presume) boat pretty closely yesterday evening just at dusk. A bit scary how they never seem to use AIS. 

Just had a very big fin swim by the boat. Really
close but just a fleeting glance. Must be some kind of big shark but not sure what.