Pacific, passive?

Thu 18 May 2023 23:29
01 34.82S 93 32.76W
Speed 7.5 knots
TWA 100 TWS 21

It’s been a proper roller coaster ride to start. We’ve borne off the rhumb line just to keep the apparent  wind behind the beam. Moonshiner is charging along but hanging on and living aboard is a challenge. Think I’m a tiny bit sea sick, Katie was earlier but some antiemetics sorted her out. 
I did the first night watch last night. Have managed to get the iPad to repeat the plotter screen which is great as can just keep that on in the sea berth and so keep an eye from down stairs. Wind was all over the place so was still up a fair bit taking in and putting out the yankee. Wind seems to have settled today but few a little overpowered. Have got 2nd reef in the main, might try putting the yankee away and setting the stay sail. 

Loads of flying fish, one actually landed in Katie’s lap while we were having lunch. He got a lucky reprieve and I threw him back over the side. Dolphins make a regular appearance but no whales as yet.