Puddle Jump Rally and Moorea

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sun 28 Jun 2015 19:50
Dear Family and Friends,

More from the rally…

This is the ‘Kick em Jenny’ team awaiting their 2 local team members to do the important work of steering and keeping time, one at the front and one at the back.  So team members from left back forwards, Jonathan, Derek (OCC Asmara Sky), Alan and Anne. The team name whilst incorporating our boat name, is also the name of a small island off the coast of Grenada.

And the race is off, our team is the second one down. We gave the winning team a good run for their money but sadly they had a nose in front at the turn! We came a worthy second in the heat.

Canoe racing was followed by some traditional games, like lifting rocks, Phil from ‘Angela' made this look easy but this was 140lbs! Who would have thought coconut husking and cracking could be a competitive sport or bamboos with large hands of bananas and a race around the garden for the children whose knees were definitely wobbling under the weight but they all completed the course!

And how about traditional dancing, well you’ve got to laugh!

With apologies for the quality of the photos as I had to shoot into strong sunlight, hopefully this gives you a flavour of the experience.

It is display of rhythm and movement and a joy to watch. The dancers looked to be enjoying it too.

These dancers are very light on their feet, each gesture has a meaning, the ladies had a go at hip wiggling, its definitely not that easy.

Not finished yet.

All our best,