Maintenance almost completed, heading for Portugal

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Mon 25 Aug 2014 08:12
Dear Family and Friends,

Our repairs are almost complete, as with all things, it is never as straight forward as you wish. The batteries were delivered to the boat here in Bayona, which was very helpful, by Alberto, one of our rally hosts, who run a boat yard. Yesterday we fitted 4 of 5 batteries, the terminals are in a different position, the electrical straps aren’t long enough, some of the old fittings are worn and broken and the straps to hold the batteries are in the wrong place now, apart from that, piece of cake! No not really, took Alan a lot of grief to resolve and make temporary connections which we will have to sort out in Oporto or Lisbon. We (this is the royal we, Alan actually,) have also serviced the generator, so with fingers crossed we are good to go again. Not forgetting the loo which was blocked with weed and the water intake for the engine which was packed with the stuff, (photos next time, bet you can’t wait!)

Bayona is a lovely port, (I may have mentioned this already,) and we have enjoyed our time here nestling in the lee of the castle, we have wandered the old town of narrow streets, it is a good supply of the usual shops, and yesterday I tried out the cycle path which wound its way along the coast for miles. I found a good place to sketch and thinking it a quiet spot, got out my pad. A short while later they had some boat races on the lagoon waters and the world and his wife passed by on the path beside me, stopped to comment, very sweet but with no Spanish, difficult, took pictures, had their kids look over my shoulder, if I was any good perhaps it would be ok but as a fledgling artist, I fled as soon as I could!

Spanish time is still a puzzle, dark at 7am, more or less light at 8am, not really warm before 11-12noon, no wonder the locals are on the beach 7-8pm at night when it is still pleasantly warm. Portugal is the same as Uk time, I believe which will feel more in tune with our body clocks. We will be leaving Spain to return later in the rally, we have found everyone to be courteous and helpful we just need to learn more of the language! I have managed to ask for decaffeinated black coffee, lactofree milk, sparkling water and two beers so life is good! The rest sadly is sign language! Some restaurants have English translations which don’t sell the dishes, Clams mariniere was translated as ‘in a seaman like manner’ that did little for desirability. We were often caught out by the huge portions, each enough to fed 2-3 people, at other times, when we ordered toasts they were very small snacks! We are learning!

We are off to Viano do Castelo which is about a 6 hour sail/motor depending on the wind. Catch you soon.

All our best wishes, Lynne and Alan