Atlantic crossing 19:45.9N 44:53.5W We caught a fish!!

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Wed 17 Dec 2014 17:07
Dear Family and Friends,
The breaking news today is that just 10 minutes or so after putting the fishing line out we caught a Mahi mahi, our first fish and probably the most expensive ever considering the losses and new parts but never mind, today we have our own hunter gatherer meal! It is a lovely yellow, blue silver fish and very tasty I am told. James gently teased the fish to the back of the boat and Alan landed it which can be tricky and I filleted it! We were all very excited with limited other distractions to focus on!
Otherwise lighter winds, a bit of motoring, yesterday we made 156 miles VMG, averaging 6.5kts and today as I write we have broken through the last 1000 mile barrier with 972 miles to go. Do any of you remember the film ‘Ice cold in Alex’ a World War 2 film about an ambulance in the desert trying to get to Alexandra, through many trials and the last scene is them having an ice cold beer at a bar in Alex, well picture us doing the same when we reach Antigua. Although the rum punch is supposed to be very good so we may try this!
When on night watch, I am getting used to the layout of the stars now and can readily find some recognisable star patterns. Also quite visible last night were 3 satellites which are brighter, nearer looking and have lights in a short line. You can see so much without light pollution.
That’s all folks, another bulletin tomorrow when we will be rating our catch, bet you cant wait.
Lynne Alan and James