Pacific Crossing 07:14.7S 109:16.8W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Wed 15 Apr 2015 18:09
Dear Family and Friends,
15th April 2015
This is day 8, 1771 miles to go. We have notched up another 160 miles of rolling and tiring swell and we are track to pass half way around tomorrow afternoon. Hooray! It always feels better in the 2nd half.
Suddenly its busy out here, another vessel passed us last night, probably a big yacht from the fast moving but weak light.
Yesterday I mentioned how the days all blur but time is not as straight forward either! We have one clock on UTC, (the old Greenwich mean time), but local time is changing 1 hour with every 15 degrees of longitude, roughly at the equator this is 900NM (this changes with latitude). So going west its minus 1 hour. And then there’s – 1hr for British summer time when converting for time back home. See what I mean. So our dawns and dusks are now an hour later than in Galapagos, unless we change our local time which affects the periods on watches to some degree. So as I write its 11am local time, which is 7pm (BST adjusted) back home. I am just going to have a lie down! We got in an awful muddle with the timings of the radio nets back in big G and its no wonder.
We were managing to keep some meat frozen in the fridge with it turned right down, but this has now defrosted too. Just when I thought I was on top of the situation.....oh well.
All well, thank you for sending your news, its always appreciated.
Lynne and Alan