SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sun 28 Jun 2015 19:50
Dear Family and Friends,

Here are some photos from Tahiti, we are enjoying being back here!

Papeete Marina and city

Polynesians take their national sport very seriously. Practising in the evenings, they can be seen around town carrying their paddles. High tech carbon fibre paddles are the thing and with the Heiva season of dance, song and canoe races nearly upon us in July, activities have intensified.

In the sea front park, this picture shows the double hulled canoes that early settlers used to make the journey from SE Asia to these islands, heading east against the prevailing trade winds and current.

Church front the sea front park. As you can see it is not always sunny. Unlike the Marquesas which were predominantly Catholic, the Society islands have more Protestant congregations, with 7th Day Adventists, Mormans and Catholics amongst the religions worshipped here.

The beautiful floral head dresses, made throughout Saturday for Sunday and the cruise ships. I passed the ladies setting up their stalls at 8am and again at 10pm, they were still there! Each wreath is intricately woven into a band to hold the flowers in place. They last about 2-3 days if you water them. There are variegated leaf versions, for for men although I have seen men wearing both leaves and flower head dresses. I have now sussed the dress code for wearing a flower behind your ear, left for married or unavailable and right for “I’m free”.

Flowers for sale in Papeete market, ready for Mothering Sunday

Papeete market

A young flower seller.