Fw: Pacific crossing 07:11.6S 106:20.9W is there anyone there?

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Fri 17 Apr 2015 17:42
Resending missing blog!
From: svjenny
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 4:37 PM
Subject: Pacific crossing 07:11.6S 106:20.9W is there anyone there?
Dear Family and Friends,
14th April 2015
I had to remind myself what day of the week it was, it is a Tuesday according to our Apple Mac. The rolling swell, the days and nights all blur. It is only the unusual that mark the days, the day we caught a fish, or thinking back, the days of storms in the Colombian Basin and the Atlantic, the night I picked up a signal from a rowing boat mid Atlantic, the days we sighted land. So it may well be that last night will be mentioned in dispatches, because in the early hours I noticed a faint light loom, not the light itself until later. Not seeing it on the radar or AIS signal, I began to wonder whether I was seeing things, but with a twiddle of a knob yes there was a ship there, Hooray!
Silly really, we know from the SSB radio there are plenty of other yachties out there doing the same passage, but its a big ocean. We have passed another milestone over the last 24 hours, we have covered over 1,000 NM, over 1/3 of the distance. Thank goodness the southern Equatorial current and wind are with us on this passage, due to this the distance covered is over 150 miles more than the log reading, At least a day less sailing.
Satellite comms played up yesterday, so we are still awaiting the weather grib files I sent for 2 days ago. So that’s my next job, that and clearing the stranded flying fish off the deck again.
All our best,
Lynne and Alan