Pictures for the trip from Bayona to Porto

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Mon 1 Sep 2014 20:13
Dear Family and Friends,

Here are a selection of photos from our misty travels.

Well bet you couldn’t wait for this one, seaweed in our engine filter!

Republic square, Viano Do Castelo, costume museum in background, more of this later.

Old streets VDC, street decor shows symbol of the town.

The town is famous for its jewellery, and here are variations of its famous motif.

This the town hall and convent/church off to the left, as you can see it was a very grey day.

Many buildings throughout the towns have ceramic tiles on the outside, with both pictures and patterns such as here.

Inside the convent church VDC

If you are musical perhaps you could identify these which made a low wailing noise

Each town in the region has its own patterns and stitches for its traditional costume, to be worn on saints days and other town celebrations, here you see the layers that make up the costume, all finely worked.

Beautiful detail of hand smocking on costume sleeve.

This is also a regional costume made from reeds/straw, can just see this catching on!

Interesting facts about the composition of gold from the gold working exhibition in the costume museum, VCD

Will compose some more photos in next blog.

All our best Lynne and Alan