Antigua still!!!

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Fri 16 Jan 2015 18:54
Dear Family and Friends,

We remain here a hostage to our repairs, currently we are in negotiation with the insurance company as a rigging check confirmed that we needed some further replacement of broken rigging for which the mast needs to be taken down. Although most relieved to have made it through the storm and to Antigua, the consequences are still with us. Still we have completed a number of items on Alan’s never ending maintenance list, the water tank is sealed again (second time), the anchor fitting on the bow is going to be fixed on Tuesday and the boat is generally much more gleaming (although that is a temporary state of affairs). My suntan is being topped up nicely without lying back and baking.

By way of a relief, we went to see a Rasta band yesterday evening, yes really! At the first bar, the band were playing some unenthusiastic beat with a singer who was barely audible. We sat at a table in front of the band only to find the cafe move all the tables around us and turned the area into a dance floor, without saying a word to us. Feeling most unwelcome we moved to another table. I nearly sat on the cafe cat who was asleep on the chair I pulled out. With all due deference to the cats ownership of the chair I sat on another. After a few moments of pained _expression_ at I suspect the noise levels the cat got up and left, we did the same. Happily There was another bar just down the road with a great band and an entertaining singer, playing Bob Marley amongst other Caribbean music, really enjoyed the evening and left too late to find any buses back, no taxis either. But as luck would have it, we were walking back (the couple of miles), and checking out passing traffic for taxis/buses when a taxi stopped, offered to take us, we offered to pay but he wouldn’t take any money and dropped us back at the marina entrance. And this is the second time we have been offered a lift, amazingly generous and kind!

Here are some photos to keep you going!

Looking towards English point

Looking towards Indian Creek Point

As above

Clouds of butterflies!

All our best,

Lynne and Alan