Arrived La Coruna wednesday 30th July

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Wed 30 Jul 2014 16:08
Dear Family and Friends,

Well we have arrived in the early hours of this morning, we slowed our entry to the harbour so we had the dawn light to help us. The winds picked up off the coast of Spain, I understand they always do in this region of NW Spain. I can’t believe I managed to sleep at all as with increasing speed the forecabin movements throw you around, (and I know you are all saying well what do you expect!)

As we approached the coast we saw both the lights and at the beginning of my watch around 3-4am a rash of fishing vessels leave ports, easy to identify as they make frequent course changes and are often moving slowly. At closer quarters they seem to be both potting boats and trawlers, so many were collected over a shallow bank we couldn’t believe there would be enough fish for all those boats. And far more boats than we see in England….

The stars were brilliant again, I could clearly see some of the constellations. Will have to take up astronomy!
Threads of lights from the shore, gave hint of shape of the land, towns and villages as we were drawn in by the lighthouse of Torre de Hercules on the sea wall of La Coruna. After mooring and a celebratory breakfast of scrambled eggs and croissants, we have had a lazy housekeeping day. Unfortunately the mailasail communications equipment is not working as it should, we have had endless frustrations with it, we have had no WiFi signal in 2 ports now and have had to resort to internet cafes to see our email which is most definitely not what we had hoped for. If any one has any suggestions please let us know, Alan is tearing his hair out here. I am beginning to think we need a computer engineer because we are being told by mailasail that it should all work and it isn’t.

Hopefully we can explore the town shortly but we are awaiting a man from the marina to look at the internet connectivity…heavens knows when this message will be sent.

We are here for a day or so leaving on friday 1st August for the port of Vigo, a days sail away, for the start of our rally on Monday 4th August.

All our best to you all,

Alan, Lynne and Derek