Dominica Photo blog

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sun 1 Feb 2015 21:38
Dear Family and Friends,

You cant visit Dominica without being in awe of the flora. Indeed there is a national programme of beautification led by the government. Householders are planting Crotins, (variegated red, yellow and green) and  pink/aubergine coloured shrub, its all very colourful! 

Wild ginger lily.

These flowers grow on tall trees and flower year round and where used by Dominicans as property boundary markers as they could be seen from a distance.

A subtler flower colour than most, Glorianesa (or something like that name) this plant was also used in hedges as it is resistant to termites.  The leaves are used as a balm for babies skin! 
The termite nests are large black brown irregular growths in the trees, with tunnels as passageways so that they are not eaten by the birds and reptiles. Once afflicted a tree will die, they do of course infest wooden houses which may account for wooden ones being off the ground on brick/concrete pillars and many houses now built of concrete.

This flower head grows on a thick straight stem some 4’ tall.

This might be a Calash tree, if so the hard brown pods are used to make incised decorated bowls and ornaments. The creamy brown flower is to the centre of the picture.

Botanical garden Roseau. This enormous tree has completely flattened the bus, fortunately empty at the time, during Hurricane David in 1979.

Banyan tree, where the roots grow down from the branches.

Nature has produced some incredible life forms, we have also seen cocoa, coffee beans, nutmeg, grapefruit, limes and oranges growing which is a treat for us and a source of amusement for the locals!

More to follow!

All our best,

Lynne and Alan