Change of plans, toothache and an extra passenger 33:24.91N 014:39.81W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Tue 21 Oct 2014 12:09
Dear Rebecca, Josh, Family and Friends,

We are still on our way, motoring at the moment as the wind has died. The swell has subsided a good deal which makes being below deck more manageable. With impeccable timing I have toothache, 2 days from a port, so we are going straight to Madeira rather than stopping at Porto Santo an island some 30 miles to the north of it. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted when we land.

Its been a day for wildlife. A large fish took our fishing lure but was putting up a fight and got away. We were somewhat relieved as Alan didn’t think the reel or line strong enough to bring it in. More tiny finch like birds with yellow/green breasts have fluttered by, amazing to think they make journeys of hundreds of miles of open sea. Looking over the bow to see if one had landed, we realised that we already had a visitor, a plump thrush sized bird with a white breast, grey under the wings and a brown speckled head, back and wings. ‘Charlie’ must have come aboard in the early hours/dawn and seems very content to stay. He has been roosting at the bow, had a wash and brush up, more roosting and a deluxe preen. So much care lavished on his feathers. He has now hopped down onto the deck, peering through the cockpit canopy, and is not greatly phased by us.

We have been buzzed by dolphins and spotted a tuna leaping from the water behind us. Its good to have something to draw our attention from the sea!

Love to hear your news too.

All our best, Lynne and Alan