Lanzarote photo blog

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Tue 11 Nov 2014 17:45
Dear Family and Friends,

For a place that seemed quite barren there are quite a few photos!

Alan standing in a volcanic crater, awesome but difficult to show the scale!

Sunset over the volcanoes.

We are back in spanish influence with the food so things are much improved! Thought I would share this with you, a custard apple! The soft flesh, dont eat the skin, really does taste like custard, although the blacks are hard and you dont eat them. The dark green pear like fruit from the last photo has sat on the side for 2 weeks, has not changed colour and is no softer so I cut one open. Its flesh is pale green a bit like firm melon and tasting like cucumber. There’s a bit of a core, but otherwise strange!

Lava caves with auditorium and unique tiny white crabs.

View from Mirador del Rio viewing point, its a long way down and the viewing terrace is built over the edge!

The Mirador visitors centre is a Manrique design, (one man phenomena,) this is his hanging sculpture.

Inside the lava tunnels, formed when the outer molten lava cooled and solidified and the inner layers kept on moving. Amazing, the roof looked like black cake batter before cooking, (sorry for the cooking analogy) and the lower sides showed the scrape lines from the lava movement.

all our best, L & A