Passage to Galapagos 04:52.73N 82:56.26W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sat 21 Mar 2015 02:23
Dear Family and Friends,
Apart from the tiny finch that came to roost on our boat, hundreds of miles from land, it’s been a just getting by day. It amazes me how such a tiny wings can carry the bird so far off shore and where was it going, perhaps this is one of Darwin’s finches I have been reading about.  Apart from that excitement, (yes that was almost the highlight of the day!) we have motored as there is very little wind, the weather forecasts are wrong again, are they ever right? The seas are calm and we are chugging along, just another 553 miles to go, out of 873 from Les Perles. By tomorrow we will be about half way, and these little milestones are good to keep up otherwise you just don’t see any difference.
However there will be a special milestone when I cross the equator for the first time! Never been south of it, Alan has of course. In the Navy there is a tradition of plastering newbies to equator travel with things like shaving foam and dunking them or making an offering to King Neptune. Watch this space.
As the sun went down, we noticed a gull following us and taking a particular interest in our fishing lure we had out of the stern in the hope of catching something. We retrieved the line as the bird was all set to attack it, hardly what we had intended when we purchased the new fishing tackle, better catch a fish now! Our friends, Anne and Jonathan invited us to supper when they caught a white tuna the other day, so much better than the tinned! So we are looking forward to our own fish supper soon.
All our best,
Lynne and Alan