Pacific Crossing 09:44.3S 123:49.4W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Tue 21 Apr 2015 22:44
Dear Family and Friends,
21st April 2015
Downwind sailing is prone to rolling in the swell and with winds picking up last night we have dipped the boat rails in the water as the boat pitched and yawed.  The sea state has calmed this afternoon, we are still making good progress with 898 miles to go. My plots on the paper chart are encouragingly nearer to our destination. When we get on the plane to travel back to the UK, in June, we will cover well over 10,000 miles in a days flying time, (but 2 days with transit and time differences), that it has taken us at least 12 weeks of sail time, possibly more if you add up all the journeys. So why would you take the slow route! So many reasons measured in an appreciation of the earth’s size, the rhymes of the sea, the starry skies, the sites we will only see from the sea, the peace, the restlessness, the sense of a journey.
All is well, all our best,
Lynne and Alan