Pacific Crossing 09:09.1S 119:05W Caught not one but two fish!

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sun 19 Apr 2015 21:44
Dear Family and Friends,
19th April 2015
Yes its true, 2 fish! Just when the meat supply was getting low. Admittedly they are two small tuna, but because they would not have survived had we thrown them back, we kept them. So what with filleting the fish and baking ciabatta and banana loaf with the last of the big hand of bananas we brought back in big G, it’s been a busy domestic morning. If the loaf is any good I’ll share the recipe with you! Thank you again to Gavin and Georgie for the indispensible Banana recipe book containing over 140 recipes, black bananas, banana lumpia, banana jam, frozen banana salad, what have we have been missing!! If you do spot the miniature ‘fig’ bananas anywhere do try them. They are firmer, even when ripe and sweeter. I haven’t quite mastered their cousin the plaintain yet although there are some tempting savoury recipes to try in the book. Whilst in big G, we did try plaintain fritters which were disappointing substitute to potatoes although we didn’t summon the courage to try the heart stopping plaintain dumpling which is served for breakfast (in Puerto Ayora), and is the size of a cricket ball. Its is a very thick batter/paste with plaintain slices throughout and served with a watery chicken or meat stew. Plaintain is starchy and needs to be flavoured otherwise it is very bland. We were waiting for our tour pick up at the time, so we had a light continental breakfast in a pavement cafe for the local taxi and workers. The fresh watermelon juice was lovely. Had we not been eating up a fridge full of defrosted meats during our stay we may have explored the street with restaurant shacks serving local ethnic foods at reasonable prices, shame.
Otherwise all is well, making slower progress as we head West, just 130 NM yesterday. Topped and tailed the working sheet (rope) for the genoa (fore sail), as there is constant wear on the rope at the point it goes through the pole eye, (to hold the sail in position).
This email may not get through as the satellite signal has been poor for 2 days.
All our best,
Lynne and Alan