Madeira more photos

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Wed 5 Nov 2014 22:03
Dear Family and Friends,

Here are some more photos of Madeira.

Here are some local hats that I nearly bought Josh!

Local fruits, the long green one, whose name escapes me, you have to wait for the thing to start to go yellow and for the scales to fall off. It’s flesh is a white honeycomb structure, the flesh tastes like a cross between banana and pineapple/kiwi fruit with a pithy core you probably wouldnt eat. The apricot coloured finger fruit is a relative of passion fruit with similar seeds and flavour, the small green/yellow fruit is similar to guava and the green “avocado” looking thing is still rock hard as I write so suggestions please on this one!

Inside sugar cane rum factory, on view still and storage casks

Sugar pulp is boiled in the copper pans

Sugar cane threshing equipment, still steam driven, equipment originally made in Birmingham.

North coast of Madeira

View of interior of Madeira

yes there really were cabbages growing on these slopes!

Great mountain top restaurant, had lovely kid stew!

More to follow, Lynne and Alan