Atlantic crossing 26:04.20N:21.17.6W day 4 Dec 7th 2014

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Sun 7 Dec 2014 12:57
Dear Family and Friends,
Another 24 hours of challenging pitching and rolling, winds force 5, at times 6-7, upto 30 knots. Well within the boats capacity but tiring for crew!
We have travelled another 159 NMiles, currently on a more southerly course as we have just updated the weather and it looks as though our overnight course was heading straight for a patch of high winds. As mentioned miles travelled isn’t a straight deduction from the rhum line course to Antigua, so on that figure we 2309 miles to go as I write.
We are all well, and making good speeds and progress. We have our new personal man overboard alarms and personal AIS signal, worn by crew on night watch so if we have the misfortune to go overboard, it sounds an alarm and pin points our position. In addition we are clipped on with a safety line so we comfortable with the arrangements. When going forward to change/bring down sails, Alan and James are also clipped on and moves are planned in the cockpit first, so safety, safety!
I cant help wondering our a certain C Colubus felt setting out for the unknown, its a huge act of faith to believe you can get to land when it’s so far. Provisioning must have been a nightmare! Wonder whether he had any crew who believed the earth was flat, they must have been terrified! Unfortunately he died in the West Indies thinking he had reached the East Indies and Japan.
Time to get the next weather update, all our best to you,
Lynne, Alan and James