Last photo blog of Marquesas Ua Pou and a round up of the Pacific crossing

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Mon 1 Jun 2015 20:36
Dear Family and Friends,

Most people I have spoken to on Tahiti admit to an unreliable and frequently terrible internet here, so it is with good reason that my blogs have lagged behind events. Since the Nuku Hiva blogs finally went the other day I have an empty drafts folder so here goes!

Here is a round up of a few stragglers from the Pacific crossing.

The chores still have to be done!

A decent fish at last, but now we have done tuna, next time we put a line out, tuna need not apply!

Pacific Sunset.

An uninvited Flying Fish, too small and ‘fishy’ to eat, and quite unnerving when they hit the deck in the dark!

And now to Ua Pou.

Alan captured this brilliant shot, normally the dolphins swim along side us and in our bow wave, but this one seemed especially athletic! On the way to Ua Pou.

Ua Pou’s very distinctive skyline, the eroded remains of volcanic plugs and along the shoreline, a massive sea cave.

Anchored in Ua Pou, Jenny (to the right) and Firefly.

More on Tahiti when I get back from the Uk, so last post for 2 weeks or so. Not looking forward to our journey back, flight leaves Tahiti at 11pm Tuesday, change airlines in Los Angeles, Arrive 3pm Thursday, yes that right 2 days and only an airline seat to sleep in. We are going to be shattered!

All our best,

Lynne and Alan