Arrived in Santa Cruz Galapagos 00:44.5S 90:18.26W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Wed 25 Mar 2015 20:39
Dear Family and Friends,
Well we made it! After a night of hanging around going nowhere very much, we entered Academy bay at 1pm and we are awaiting our inspection, scheduled for 5pm. We can not go ashore until we have passed the inspection so there nothing for it but to open a beer and  have lunch.
The bay, with some imagination, is 3 sides of a square, facing SE, low in aspect, an island at its mouth and low volcanic cliffs along its northern approaches. The bay is sheltered although presently there is just a little swell, and very hot (for my taste). Doesn’t matter how much you drink you are always thirsty in this heat. Puerto Ayora follows the embrace of the bay, sunk almost to the rooflines in the trees of lush green. So it is impossible from here to gauge how big the town is, although I have read it is the biggest of all the islands. There are about 25 visiting yachts here, as it is one of the main clearing in ports in the islands, some small cruisers and fishing boats. Although reports reaching us suggested that its too busy with tour boats and marine traffic, just now it is very pleasant and quiet and offers amongst the best range of services. Following our trail of boat maintenance in exotic and difficult locations, we currently need a marine and a refrigeration engineer!
Our journey past the south side of Santa Cruz, much like the west coast of San Cristobal, gave onto sweeping slopes, volcanic hills, rich forests and low rock and sandy shores, but hardly any sign of habitation until Puerto Ayora itself. Throughout our journey from Panama we have sighted birds every day, even hundreds of miles from land. Here even in the short time we have sighted many species not seen by us before. Last night as we drifted a 1 kt, I could hear sounds very similar to a snorkeler blowing water from his tube, several inquisitive seals were around the boat, diving beneath, calling to one another. In the darkness it was hard to get a good look but this morning we sighted them again, so cute. We have spotted rays and in Academy Bay, sea turtles, right beside the anchored yachts.The water here is so turquoise, bluer in the deeper waters, post card perfect.
Looking forward to touching terra firma, sorting out some tours and immersing ourselves in the Galapagos experience, always providing we pass the inspection.
All our best,
Lynne and Alan