In New Zealand 35.36S 174.32E

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Tue 3 Nov 2015 07:17
Hi all

Having been in Opua for 5 days it was a joy to get out into the Bay of Islands. My NZ crew begged a slight delay to watch the Rugby World Cup Final - so we moored at Paihia a few miles from Opua and at 0400 joined everyone else in watching NZ beat the Wallabies live - a great match but a long day!

We have visited a few of the islands before the onset of unfavourable weather sent us towards Whangarei. The best must be Urupukapuka Island, a mouthful! - however Robertson Island ( Capt Cook landing) and Orukawa bay were also a delight. They say the Bay of Islands is just amazing - and I have to agree - so many bays and islands to visit, easy navigation and nowhere is the water deeper than 20metres, with great holding for the anchor - no more listening overnight to grumbling anchors on rock! I’ve many pics but will post only a few. A “must” visit should any-one get down this way.

The trip down to Whangarei was also quite something - a visit to the popular “hole in the rock” at Cape Brett before turning southwards towards Whangarei, and unbelievably we found ourselves amongst a pod of Orcas - Killer whales hunting. We followed them around for a while taking hundreds of pictures - they breached often, many times so close to and diving under the boat, but they seemed unperturbed by our presence!! and lastly we put out the fishing rod and caught a kingfish - 2 feet long but apparently undersize for legal catching so mercifully undamaged from the experience (the fish) - it was “liberated” - a bit unceremoniously - but I defy anyone to get a grip of a very much alive 2 foot game fish!!

Boat to be lifted out and dry stored on Monday whilst I return to UK for a while.

All for now