Atlanticv Crossing 23:18.7N 25:56.52W

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Tue 9 Dec 2014 18:16
Dear family and Friends,
We have passed the night with the worst conditions any of have experienced, including Alan, who has been on watch for much of the night and following day and he is back out there now. Conditions worsen around sundown  with winds well into 30 knots, by my watch at midnight the wind had died very briefly to 10 knots but within 15 mins of us all furling and re launching  the sails I was again reefing the foresail and again shortly after that as speeds reached 8 knots, above our night time optimum and with the rails well into the water very uncomfortable for those below. The winds shifted so our intended southerly course, to avoid the worst of the winds, was not possible. 
On watch change we were back upto 25-30knots, Alan reported 30-40 knots with gusts of 50-55knots. Our weather updates dont show winds of anything like this when we received them. This is frustrating for us but we are well and in good spirits, the boat is doing well, we are a bit battered. It is too rough to run the water maker so we are on our small reserve tank and on water conservation measures, ie drinking beer.
Our course is 200T or less if we can, its a bit bouncy but the winds look better at 18-26 knots.
Peter, we are getting GRIB files but it is a 2 computer process to download them, we are very grateful for your text updates!
All our best, Lynne, Alan and James