Pacific Crossing 10:21S 135:41W 199.9 miles to go!

SV Jenny
Alan Franklin/Lynne Gane
Mon 27 Apr 2015 00:20
Dear Family and Friends,
26th April 2015
Yes its true as I started writing we had 199.9 miles to go! Updated status at the end of the blog! The last 30 hours have been much slower, with lighter winds and downwind sailing. At only 2-4 kts overnight the rolling in the swell is worse and meant that both Alan and I had only snatches of sleep and the night felt very long. When I finally emerged after 11am we altered the rig and we are making better progress. But not before that Alan had to rewind the ropes on the foresail drum because they would not furl away, followed by a bite on the fishing line. Before this trip I had no idea about fishing from a sailing boat! Its all hands on deck, Ok just me then, furl the sail, alter course to slow the boat, get all the gear out of the lockers, open the rails at the stern and so on. Today I managed all of this and was ready with the gaff hook.....and the fish got away. Judging by the fight it was a reasonable size too. At least we didn’t loose the lure.
ETA Tuesday now, whether we slow our progress to approach in the light or speed up with some motoring, its definitely landfall on Tuesday. As slow as the last few days have seemed at least the end is in sight. It seems likely our first view of land will be at night if the moon is shining otherwise first light on Tuesday.
Well as I leave you we have 198.3 miles to go!
All our best,
Lynne and Alan