Definitively no longer the Caribbean...

Knotty Girl
Mon 5 Aug 2019 18:37
42:55.137N 009:15.568W
… Neither in terms terms of temperatures or sea colours ! We just finished our aperitif in the middle of a mist / so glad we are at anchor already !! We put music loudly in case another boat decides to anchor somewhere close by - initially Roberto swiched on the horn but the music of Cecilia is definitively much nicer !

Today we sailed from Camarina Ria to Le Cap Finisterre - about 30 miles with wind coming from the South - very unusual of course - so we had it head on ! Tanya missed not having taken ou her winter gear from under somewhere ! She added all layers she could find in her Caribbean cloth drawer but decided that as of tomorrow the polar sweaters will reappear ! No swimming for Cecilia today, she was brave to give it a go yesterday evening but not for a very long time, but more than Roberto and I who gave it a pass as 19 degrees sea temperature we are not yet used to - not sure we ever will even…

The light house at Cap Finisterre looks great from the sea - we could also see many people up there, most likely Pilgrims looking down on us. The harbour of Fisterra (Finisterrre) is full of fishing boats and has a nice fish market but only for professionals unfortunately. The City itself has no charm so we are glad we anchored close to the beach which Roberto & Cecilia visited from “long to large” just as the sun made a small appearance.