The sunshine is back and what a difference !!

Knotty Girl
Tue 13 Aug 2019 14:05
42:21.253N 008:49.362W
Friday night we welcomed Daan, Olivier and Yann in Marina Portosín and we had a nice aperitif at the yacht club before our pasta aux courgettes et safran (mezzo) dish on the boat. The next day we motored to Isla de Salvor, a natural reserve where we had a very nice walk by sunset. The next day we had lunch on Isla Ons were we anchored not far from the village and did a nice walk to the lighthouse and put our feet (only) onto Melied beach. We bought some warm “pulpe salad”for lunch together with the delicious “salade de lentilles” from Daan. We then continued to Islas Cies - a real ecological paradises that is part of the “Parc national des iles atlantiques de Galice”, the very first park dedicated to the protection of marine life. Created in 2002. While Roberto and Olivier went to visit the beach and lagune, I helped Daan prepare her magic Couscous. The next morning we did a very nice walk onto the lighthouse (the main one) and observed the many variety of “mouette”and “cormorans”on the Island before sailing - too short given the nice conditions - to Baiona where we went into the harbour “Real Club de Yatches” which is situated at the feet of an impressive “forteresse". Baiona has a replica of La Pinta de Christophe Colomb as it is said that on March 1st 1493, the lieutenant of Christophe Colomb, Martin Pinzon of arrived Baiona where he claimed the came back from India. Baiona is therefore the first European city to learn about the discovery of the new world. We had a delicious meal (Daan and myself pre-birthday dinner party) in Meson La Fonte de Zeta. The food was very good - Olivier experienced for the first time les “couteaux” sea food. After some shopping we left the next day for Combarro. Very good sailing conditions.