Dominica again !

Knotty Girl
Fri 2 Mar 2018 11:26
After a great nice sail from Les Saintes (15/20 knots de travers) we arrived in Prince Rupert By at Portsmouth (Dominica) where our “friend” Providence helped us with the mooring at a secure boy. As it was very windy the sea was not too inviting but Providence told us that the place he would take us to snorkel would be calmer so at 12.30 he picked us up and we went for a “drift snorkling experience”(I had done drift dives in the past but this was a première for all of us! He left us at a corner of a pointe and we “drifted”around the pointe while he was rawing next to us. Lots of beautiful fishes and even “nurserie”where millions of baby fishes swam. It was a great experience even if a bit scary as when you looked on the other side of the rocks it was “le grand bleu”! We then rested on the boat before taking the dinghy to go ashore and climbed (baby clim this time around) to the Shirley’s Fort where we had a breathtaking view of the bay with a rainbow all over it! We then went to the beach restaurant “Madiba”- full of photos of Mandela where we had an appetitive and met a couple of Germans who also did the crossing on a X-Yacht 61 and were moored next to us in Las Palmas - small world! We had a beer with them and back for dinner on board. We left this morning at 06:30 to go to Martinique ? St. Pierre - currently motoring but hopefully the wind will pick up!